Suzanne C.

A testimonial

It wasn’t long after joining Paravie Fitness before I began to feel more energetic. Friends, family and acquaintances say that I look younger. I do feel stronger, and I’ve already lost over 30 lbs! It’s hard to believe but it’s true. My doctor has congratulated me on my positive results and has decided to cut one of my medications for blood pressure. My blood readings are normal, so are my cholesterol levels. Not too long ago I was on the fast track to diabetes, and now there is no hint of it in my system. I no longer have thyroid issues.

I have four young grandchildren who now will (hopefully) have me around a lot longer to enjoy. Thanks to Glenda (Esguerra) for providing me with the motivation to work hard, stay focused, and experience the rewards of a healthier body. She is always positive with us and offers continual support.

Friends keep complimenting me on how great I look. They also wonder when I’m going to stop working out. Why should I not continue? I look at the progress that I’ve made and it encourages me to continue moving forward.

Everything is possible. The future looks great.