James Taylor, images d'avant et après chez Paravie. James Taylor, Before and After images, at Paravie.

James Taylor

Here’s James’ testimonial…

You should know, it’s been a few years, yes a few years, since I’ve been able to get out of bed in the morning and not be doubled over with back pain! I really attribute that to the exercise routines you led me through that are focused on my core strength. 

I must also say that I really enjoy myself when working out with you and the small groups you have. The exercise and the chance to have some fun at the same time is a real release for me and I just feel good about the whole experience. The kibitzing around, the singing, makes your workouts more than I ever thought they would be, so thanks! 

I also appreciate your personal attention, of not only making sure I do the exercises correctly every time, there is also the aspect that you are pushing me just a little bit every time, so that I fact I’m getting stronger and more fit. I really believe that in fitness to improve we have to do more, as in more reps, more weight and for longer duration. You’ve been really good to bring this concept to life in the workouts you lead.

As I’m starting to resize my body I’m also feeling better every day, with more energy and drive than I can remember having in a long time. My clothes are fitting better and it’s prompted me to get a new wardrobe. I just have to get used to the extra grey hair I’m growing as I am getting older, it’s just that it’s in contrast to the rejuvenated feeling I have.

My goal is to weigh 195 lbs by October, which would be after a year of training with you and after about 6 months I’m on track. I realize it’s not just about the weight it’s also about the inches and so far things are going really well in that area too!

Bottom line, thanks Glenda, I’m really glad I’m working out with you and I find there’s good value in your programs!