Paravie-témoignage/testimonial, Tania and Raven

Tania and Raven

We were exhausted parents of two sweet but restless toddlers when we decided to knock at Paravie’s doors for help. Constantly out of energy, plagued with chronic back and shoulder pain, filling up around the waistline, we felt like empty shells of the rather active couple we once were. For everybody’s sake, this needed to change.

When Glenda asked us what our personal goals were, the main one was to get our energy back, to get rid of pain and to get stronger, so we could run and jump with our kids! Weight loss was not our main goal, but we would welcome it!

Paravie Fitness - Tania and Raven, s'entraîner/working outSo we both started to work out, sometimes together, sometimes not, but since we committed to the same project, we nudge one another when motivation fails us. One of us is a wee bit competitive, so that’s a bonus kick in the pants.

Today, we are grateful for our choice of gym and trainer: chronic pains are gone, our energy levels are replenishing, and we feel stronger! Glenda followed us every step of the way, helping us to commit to our health, always adjusting the workouts to fit our needs and evolving goals.

It is an investment of money and time that is totally worth it — we could have not done this on our own!