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Paravie Fitness - une entrevue avec/an interview with Michelle B.

Michelle B.

From a brief chat we recently had with member Michelle B. …

Glenda (Paravie) : How did you feel before, and what was happening that you thought it was time to focus on health? What were you looking for, how did you want to feel, and what were your expectations with Paravie Fitness? 

Michelle B. : I think Paravie is a perfect small gym run by a small enthusiastic woman who knows how to treat each client with a deep respect. Paravie is an outside-the-box type of gym. Of course, it has all the modern necessary equipment, flexible hours and a good trainer. But what gives it its uniqueness is exactly that, it is a small gym with a very experienced and dedicated owner and trainer, Glenda…… who treats each client as an honoured guest.

Being overweight all my life I have never developed any sports and/or physical training habits. I have tried many different types of gyms over the years. When I met Glenda, I felt immediately accepted with my limitations and the type of body I have. Since I live in a resident for retirees, Glenda accepted to come and coach me there.

Paravie Fitness - Michelle et GlendaThe training program she created helped me feel better about myself as well as help back pain when I stood too long. I went away for 9 months. Upon my return at no cost to me Glenda came and gave me a refresher session. We discussed diet, exercise and simple achievable goals.

Glenda (Paravie) : What were your results, what did you discover… would you recommend Paravie to others?

Michelle B. :  Glenda’s ability to respect persons where they are at, combined with her friendly, small, and well-equipped gym, gives Paravie a feeling of warmth and a personal touch that is hard to find in other gyms.

This is why I would recommend to anyone wishing to start becoming healthier no matter what state your body is in to take a look at Deux-Montagnes best kept secret; Paravie Fitness.