Paravie 6-week challenge for body transformation (oct 2017) - male model

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“I’m tired of spinning my wheels and going nowhere, and I’m serious about getting results and reclaiming my healthy and energetic body once and for all. I would like to sign up for the 6-week Body-Fit Challenge.”

We’ve got you covered! The 6-Week autumn challenge begins the week of October 28th.
Small groups of 5-6 participants per class.

Class times available : 6 am (Tues., Wed., Thurs.) – 6 pm (Mon., Wed.) – 11 am (Mon., Fri.)

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Here’s the deal…

Image of group workout at Paravie Fitness.

Une séance d’entraînement en petit groupe chez Paravie Fitness. / Small-group workout at Paravie Fitness.


Small group training is working out with your trainer in a more cost-effective way.


Each workout challenges you, energizes you, and encourages you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and still bring fun and satisfaction. Our group motivates and holds one another accountable in achieving success together.


Having a practical nutritional guide, supplement recommendations, and a high-intensity interval training program will get you the results you’re seeking.

For as little as $20 per session… 

  • A trainer will be with you during your workout at our studio, in a judgement-free environment.
  • You will be with a motivating and encouraging group of individuals.
  • Your workouts will be safe and effective.
  • Our focus is on you! You’ll enjoy your workouts, because you’ll receive particular attention and positive feedback.   
  • Best of all, we’ll work towards achieving your goals.

All this for as little as $20 per session.

(For new clients or alumni only.)

Important info!

This 6-week Body Fit Challenge launches the week of October 28th in our studio (at 1400 chemin d’Oka Deux-Montagnes), so you must sign up by Friday, October 27th, the latest. Late entries will not be accepted. Places fill up fast and are limited. On this day you will meet your coach and go over all the details you’ll need on nutrition, workouts, schedules.

Are you ready for workouts that will leave you feeling challenged,
re-energized and motivated to do more ? Sign up now.

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    Veuillez décrire votre niveau de forme actuel et vos frustrations en ce qui concerne votre condition physique. / Please describe your current fitness level and your frustrations with regards to your fitness. (requis)

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