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“I’m tired of spinning my wheels and going nowhere, and I’m serious about getting results and reclaiming my healthy and energetic body once and for all. I would like to sign up for the 21-day Summer Challenge.”

We got you covered! The 21-day Summer Challenge begins Monday, June 3rd.

Get ready to transform your body. Rise up and take our popular 21-day challenge of PURE FOCUS!

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Here’s the deal…

Brad Hodge s'entraîne au Paravie Fitness. Bard Hodge working out at Paravie Fitness.

Brad Hodge a connu des beaux succès après seulement 8 semaines d’entraînement. / Brad Hodge has seen excellent results after only 8 weeks.

  • We’ll start with an initial consultation in order to get to know a bit about you. We’ll assess your current situation, and we’ll discuss your fitness goals while helping you choose the right nutrition to get you there. ($125 value)
  • The training phase (30-minute training sessions, 3-4 days a week): We’ll put together a personalized program for you where you will be challenged at every stage of the 4-week program. ($219 value)
  • During the Kickstart program, you’ll receive unlimited email coaching! (priceless)
  • At the end of 4 weeks, we’ll sit down for your final assessment. Here we’ll further discuss supplements for nutrition and recuperation. ($65 value) 
  • After completion of the program, we’re hoping that you’ll have such great results that you’ll feel motivated to continue on your path to better fitness. This would be a great time to discuss options towards continuing your training with us. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a $100 gift card that you can apply to various memberships that we offer. You are under no obligation to decide right away… the gift card will be accepted for up to 60 days after the completion of the Kickstart program.
  • We want the best for you! Together we’ll succeed.

All this for just $149.99+ taxes

(For new clients or alumni only.)

Important info!

This Kickstart launches June 5th in our studio (at 1400 chemin d’Oka Deux-Montagnes), so you must sign up by Friday, June 2nd, the latest. Late entries will not be accepted. Places fill up fast and are limited. On this day you will meet your coach and go over all the details you’ll need on nutrition, workouts, schedules.


We WANT you to share with family, friends and co-workers. The more people we can help the better ! Want to get your Kickstart for FREE ? Get 5 people to do this and sign up with you, your challenge is free.


As soon as we confirm receipt of your registration and payment, we will be contacting you to book your initial assessment. This 30-minute appointment will be to go over your specific goals, any pre-existing medical conditions and complete your initial body measurements. We can make the appointment on June 5th after the meeting.

Are you ready for workouts that will leave you feeling challenged,
re-energized and motivated to do more ? Sign up now.

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